Hannover Messe: Obama, Merkel experience ABB’s new smart sensor digital technology

April 25, 2016
The two leaders were shown how ABB’s smart sensor can improve productivity.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, U.S. President Barack Obama, ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer and ABB Americas Region President Greg Scheu at the ABB stand. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Barack Obama were the first to experience ABB's new smart sensor this week at Hannover Messe.

The two leaders were shown how ABB’s smart sensor has the ability to improve the productivity of electric motors by connecting them for the first time to cloud-based services. Merkel and Obama heard how the smart sensor can be applied to the vast majority of low-voltage motors, whether new or already in use, making it possible to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and save money. The digital solution will for the first time enable LV motors to be integrated into the expanding Internet of Things.

Accompanied by ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer, Greg Scheu, president of ABB’s Americas region and Hans-Georg Krabbe, country managing director of ABB in Germany, the two leaders watched a YuMi robot demonstrate how to attach the smart sensor to an LV motor.

Through a wireless connection to the Internet, the motor’s performance data was displayed on a large screen, demonstrating how unexpected breakdowns can be avoided and energy consumption reduced.

"The smart sensor enables transcontinental industrial digitalization," said Spiesshofer. "The sensor reduces the downtime of motors by up to 70 percent, extends their life span by up to 30 percent and cuts energy consumption by as much as 10 percent. If all industrial electric motors worldwide were equipped with our smart sensors, the energy savings would be equivalent to the output of 100 large power plants."

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