Eaton expands Houston Experience Center with new interactive applications

March 31, 2016
The applications will supplement the experience center’s hands-on safety, application, product and monitoring training opportunities.
Eaton Experience Center - Houston

From a mock petrochemical refinery to a substation and power distribution grid, the Houston Experience Center provides a global education solution.

Source: Eaton
Eaton has expanded its Experience Center in Houston, Texas, which now features six new interactive applications for commercial, oil and gas, data center and utility markets. The applications, which include a full-scale downstream petrochemical plant, will supplement the experience center’s hands-on safety, application, product and monitoring training opportunities in a true-to-life industrial environment. 

“This expansion gives attendees the opportunity to experience a range of live applications in one setting,” said Allan Clark, manager, Houston Experience Center, Eaton. “Each new area provides novel learning opportunities—from supporting data center uptime to advanced training within design and build engineering, plant operations and innovative automated control systems within hazardous environments.”

The six interactive application areas at Eaton’s Experience Center include the following:

    • Data Center – Attendees will interact with hot isle containment, electrical distribution and state-of-the-art-emergency backup schemes while learning about solutions for maintaining uptime.
    • Power Quality Lab – With real-time surge events, harmonics and voltage sags, attendees with learn power distribution, surge protection, motor control systems and energy correction capabilities.
    • Petrochemical Refinery – This full-scale downstream petrochemical plant features complete power distribution, motor protection, process instrumentation and life safety solutions, providing many advanced training opportunities.
    • Upstream Drilling & Production Rig – The upstream rig application supports operations and engineering for offshore platforms, helping attendees understand weight savings solutions, power distribution technologies and process management through international installation practices.
    • Land-based Drilling – Featuring variable frequency drives and automated control systems, the drilling unit highlights energy-cutting advances and sustainable procurement of natural resources.
    • Utility & Power Distribution – Step through smart grid power distribution technology and medium voltage switchgear to learn about energy regulations and smart grid technology.


To learn more about the Eaton Experience Center in Houston, contact [email protected] or visit www.eaton.com/eechouston.