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Pepperl+Fuchs FDH-1: Universal Tool for Mobile Fieldbus Diagnostics

March 29, 2016
The FDH-1 can check any fieldbus segment quickly and easily with the simple press of a button.

The new FieldConnex fieldbus diagnostic handheld device from Pepperl+Fuchs makes commissioning and troubleshooting a fieldbus installation easier than ever. The FDH-1 can check any fieldbus segment quickly and easily with the simple press of a button.

The FieldConnex® fieldbus diagnostic handheld is a mobile device that makes it easy to install and use the fieldbus infrastructure, even within a hazardous location. In quick check mode, the handheld can be operated without any previous knowledge. The user simply connects the handheld at any point on the segment and checks the physical layer with a single push of a button. If the quality of the installation is optimal, the handheld reports "no fault." In the event of deviations, the device displays "maintenance required" or "out of specification." FDH-1’s integrated expert system detects if a fault is present, where it’s located, what type of fault, and how to correct it.

The handheld simulates faults that can occur, such as increasing noise and decreasing signals. Communication of the individual field devices and of the entire segment can be checked. This quality test is new and unique, going beyond the required conformity check. It can be accessed easily at the push of a button and ensures the stability of the fieldbus installation.

The FDH-1 tests the entire system exactly as it is installed. By clipping the FDH-1 to the wiring using test clips or plugs, there is no need to change the wiring after the test. This minimizes errors. FDH-1 offers greater reliability in fieldbus diagnostics, saves time and costs, and an evaluation can be performed during ongoing operation in hazardous areas. The FDH-1 can be operated in Zone 1, and the current circuit can be routed into Zone 0.

For more information, visit the Pepperl+Fuchs website.