4 ways you can benefit from robotic process automation

July 29, 2015
While some automation been around for decades, the last two years have seen exponential progress in its capability and potential impact.

Research shows that while more than 80 percent of large enterprises have a high or extremely high emphasis on digital technologies like automation, less than 10 percent realize the expected benefits.

So how do large enterprises unlock the full potential impact from automation technologies such as rapid or robotic process automation (RA)?

Prioritize right

RA should not only be about reducing human resources and driving short term cost and productivity improvements, but view it as part of their overall value creation process and as one of an end-to-end suite of tools, capabilities and assets that can help accelerate business transformation.

Understand the potential of process automation technology

Understand today’s potential of process automation technology, not yesterday’s. RA embeds significant intelligence including the ability to handle non-standard and unstructured inputs and perform activities like screen searching.

Don't automate broken processes

The right approach is to first re-engineer the process and then combine process optimization with appropriate operating models and RA technologies to maximize the outcome.

Look at automating work that is already industrialized and optimized

For example, in finance and accounting, it can be invoicing, payables, reporting and master data management, or perhaps claims processing in insurance. Following the right approach can have a massive impact for large companies.

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