Balluff brings Sensing Technologies class to Atlanta high school

July 27, 2015
Atlanta students receive unique hands-on opportunity rich with real-world applications.

A group of students at the North Cobb Christian High School in Atlanta, GA were recently offered Balluff's Sensing Technologies class as part of the school's Math, Science and Technology Academy. 

According to the school, the Academy is "a rigorous program designed to prepare students to pursue advanced degrees and careers in high tech markets." Students are enrolled in a four-year high-school track, rich with AP and Honors courses, culminating in an internship their senior year. Balluff and the Math, Science and Technology Academy coordinated for the selection of students chosen to attend the two-day course. 

The course included hands-on labs dealing with object detection, linear position measurement and IO-Link technologies as well as basic controller programming. In attendance were the six students chosen and their instructor. 

"The training Balluff provided was the perfect hands on experience for my Honors Physics students. It was amazing to see them respond to the real world applications of the principles we have been studying all year. I wish I had a chance to teach them like this every day," said Ben Carr, director of the Academy.

Balluff has been known to support several other STEM initiatives as well, including the TEACH programs at Purdue University and the College of Charleston