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Phoenix Contact field diagnostics module

July 15, 2015
The world's first compact online, field-mountable Foundation Fieldbus diagnostics instrument

The modular Phoenix Contact field diagnostics module (FDM – part number 2316284) is a simple addition to any Foundation FieldbusTM system that has a device coupler with only one available spur connection. It is designed for installation in a safe or Zone 2 environment. The module does not require any additional software and is license-free. The host system can intuitively identify it when powered up.

The three local LEDs show power, data, and error status, and provide a visual health status of the segment. The module communicates with the host system during unscheduled communication time, and is not part of the Control Schedule. It allows the plant operator to view the status of the segment where the instruments themselves are connected – at times many hundreds of feet away from the main control system – and provide details that cannot always be diagnosed with equipment installed in the control room. The diagnostic module is integrated just like a field instrument.

To find out more about the Phoenix Contact device and download our free segment design tool, visit the Phoenix Contact website.

For more information, visit the Phoenix Contact website.