ABB introduces "Next Level Mining" at Swedish mine

June 22, 2015
New comprehensive system spans from the mine to the mill to create the world's most advanced zinc, lead and silver mine.

ABB recently introduced a technological solution to transform Boliden AB’s Garpenberg mine in central Sweden into one of the most-efficient and productive mines in the world. At the heart of the expansion is ABB's System 800xA automation platform. The platform, installed in more than 10,000 process industry facilities in over 100 countries,  coordinates sub-operations including power and automation for mill drives, hoists, ventilation system and crushers. 

Boliden transformed the mine over four years in close cooperation with ABB, building on the principles of the Internet of Things, Services and People.

 “ABB’s comprehensive power and automation solutions for 21st century mining are a powerful demonstration of how the Internet of Things, Services and People is fundamentally changing the mining industry,” said Peter Terwiesch, president of ABB’s Process Automation division. “After nearly a century working together, ABB is proud to play a major role in helping keep Boliden at the vanguard of mining efficiency and productivity.”

Since the project was completed, the milled ore tonnage has risen nearly 60 percent to 2.22 million tons, a figure set to climb to 2.5 million tons by the end of 2015. Meanwhile, costs per ton dropped with decreased energy consumption, water usage and noise reduction for some 500 residents who live nearby.

“Mines like Garpenberg face increased environmental regulations, labor and energy costs and heightened demand from the public and employees for safety,” said Hans Jönsson, general manager at Boliden Garpenberg. “Boliden is working with ABB to address these hurdles, deploying high levels of automation and integration to ensure that mining here continues for years to come.”