Digital Guardian acquires Savant Protection

June 1, 2015
Acquisition extends the Digital Guardian Data Aware Endpoint Security Platform to fixed function devices

Security software provider Digital Guardian has acquired Savant Protection a provider of advanced application whitelisting solutions.

Savant Protection software delivers is a whitelisting solution that defends endpoints and servers from advanced persistent threats, zero day attacks and unknown malware. Its application whitelisting solution, Savant Enforcer, uses a unique whitelist on each individual endpoint which eliminates the single-point-failure risk inherent with a central whitelist approach. Savant Enforcer is capable of protecting endpoint systems against malicious applications whether they are on the corporate network or fully disconnected.

The acquisition of Savant Protection and the Savant Enforcer product enables Digital Guardian to extend its endpoint security platform to fixed function devices, including point-of-sale systems (POS), industrial control systems (ICS), Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and SCADA systems.

“Digital Guardian is committed to delivering the highest level of data protection against all threats and across all endpoints. With the acquisition of Savant Protection, the company is able to deliver on that vision by extending our data protection capabilities to fixed function devices including industrial control systems. We have a number of customers in the ICS space now, and this expands what we can cover there. This product sits on the ICS machine and uses our capabilities to identify what is happening and prevent it. In addition, as we continue to build the next generation endpoint security platform, Savant Protection’s agent functionality will be seamlessly integrated into our existing DG agent for a completely integrated solution.This will not only reduce the burden of agent-fatigue corporations are currently experiencing on their endpoints, but it will also reduce the amount of vendors needed to meet their complete data protection needs.

Savant Enforcer, Version 5.1 is generally available today and installed on hundreds of thousands of endpoints globally. It will continue to be sold as a discrete product by Digital Guardian until the technology is fully integrated into the Digital Guardian Endpoint Security Platform in late 2015.