AutomationDirect Offers Free Automation 101 eBook Download

Sept. 22, 2014
Automation 101: An Industry Guide to Control System Engineering
AutomationDirect's new eBook, "Automation 101: An Industry Guide to Control System Engineering" is now available as a free download. Designed as a general guide for the specification, design and installation of automated control systems, this eBook is filled with information and references that takes readers from the skills required to recognize an operation or process suitable for automating to tips on setting up a program to maintain the control system.

Whether an expert or a novice at electrical control devices and systems, the information presented provides a check list to use in the steps to implementing an automated control system. Topics covered include: safety considerations, identifying automation needs, specifying device needs, system design, building tips, installation and maintenance.

The eBook also contains useful information such as, steps for choosing the right controller, understanding discrete and analog I/O, sinking and sourcing concepts and more.

Learn more and to download "Automation 101: An Industry Guide to Control System Engineering."