Busted! U.S. Indicts Five Chinese for Cyber Espionage

May 19, 2014
Chinese charged with stealing trade secrets from nuclear, solar, steel and aluminum companies, plus a union.

OK. Not really front-page news.. The U.S. spies on China. China spies on us. Companies spy on each other. The NSA spies on everybody. So maybe the news that a U.S. grand jury has indicted five Chinese for stealing industrial secrets via computer from U. S. companies isn't big news. But then again, maybe it will be the story that is the tipping point for getting you to take your plant cybersecurity seriously.  Other details, including that U.S. companies weren't the only victims--they included a Geman company and a U.S. union -- are here

It's also worthy of note that the companies targeted are close to process industry verticals--solar panel makers, steel and aluminum makers, and nuclear power. The apparent goal, at least in this case, is stealing trade secrets. That's where the money is.