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FOUNDATION Developer Training Set for May 6-9 in Frankfurt, Germany

March 25, 2014
The next training session is scheduled for May 6-9 in Frankfurt, Germany. The registration deadline is April 15, 2014.

Device developers may want assistance in implementing FOUNDATION technology in their instrumentation product line. That is why the Fieldbus Foundation established a complete Developer Training curriculum. Automation suppliers can put their fieldbus product development programs on the "fast track" by attending one of these informative courses.

The next training session is scheduled for May 6-9 in Frankfurt, Germany. To register contact the Fieldbus Foundation for last minute availability.

The vendor-neutral "Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus" course (May 6) is intended for developers, marketing professionals, applications engineers, system integrators and others interested in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of FOUNDATION technology. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts and new terminology related to the FOUNDATION integrated architecture. They will understand the key strategies for wiring and installation of a fieldbus network. Special emphasis will be placed on design issues such as power requirements, device types and topologies.

The "Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus" course assumes little or no prior knowledge of FOUNDATION technology, but students should already be familiar with process control and existing 4-20 mA technology found in present-day installations.

The vendor-neutral "Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus" course (May 7-9) is intended for manufacturers and developers of fieldbus hardware and software. The course is best suited for development engineers, test engineers, and all who wish to understand the detailed inner workings of a fieldbus device. The "Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus" course is a prerequisite for this advanced class. Students should be familiar with the basic terminology of FOUNDATION technology, and have a general understanding of its communications protocol, function block execution, linkages and DDs.

Additional details and registration information can be found on the Developer Training page of the Fieldbus Foundation's website www.fieldbus.org.