How to Extend Gas Chromatography's Role

Dec. 12, 2013
GC Stands For Greater Control

Brian G. Rohrback, fron Infometrix, Inc. wrote the article "GC Stands For Greater Control" for ouor sister publication In it he said that chemical companies are striving for more complete and reliable process control information to tighten adherence to product specifications, reduce waste and identify areas ripe for process improvement. This is spurring a drive to build more capable and agile process instrumentation and, with it, recasting the role of instrumentation in production.

Instruments don't provide control information directly, though. An interpretation step is necessary to achieve the control benefit. However, a decreasing number of skilled analysts are available to convert the data into useable information. So, software has to be made smarter.

Read the entire article to find out how smaller instruments, faster analyses and smarter software will extend gas chromatography's role.