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Invensys Releases Integrated Spiral Crude Assay Management with SimSci Design and Optimization Software

Oct. 16, 2013
Unique integrated offering seamlessly helps design, analyze and optimize refining assets, according to the company

Invensys SimSci wasted no time in absorbing Spiral Software, an acquisition made about a year ago. Now, they've released an integrated version of Spiral CrudeSuite crude oil knowledge-management software with its SimSci PRO/II™ design and ROMeo optimization software. According to Invensys, the new integrated offering gives the hydrocarbon processing industry a single-source software solution that enables seamless access of latest crude assay information for refinery design, analysis and optimization. The integrated Spiral CrudeSuite offering can provide accurate and complete crude assay information throughout plant lifecycle modeling from design through operations and performance optimization. 

Dr. Harpreet Gulati comments on the new Spiral CrudeSuite addition to SimSci Pro/II

“Integrating our crude assay management, design and refinery optimization software fulfills the potential of the Spiral Software acquisition we announced last year,” said Harpreet Gulati, Ph.D., vice president, design software for Invensys. “We are now able to offer the only full-span refinery optimization solution on the market today, one that will help our customers reduce operating costs, increase throughput and maximize profit. Having complete and accurate crude information for improved design and optimization can help drive cost savings and margin improvements that could total millions of dollars each year.” 

Invensys calls Spiral CrudeSuite an industry-leading, enterprise toolset for sharing, managing and modeling crude oil information. Across the petroleum industry, its advanced features enable companies to extract maximum value from their data. CrudeSuite contains licensed crude assay data, and end users can import their own data as well. The assay data is validated so engineers can easily design accurate refinery processes using the company’s SimSci PRO/II software, and its comprehensive crude assay data helps engineers optimize the refinery for maximum profitability using the company’s SimSci ROMeo software. 

“Combining our Spiral Crude Assay management, PRO/II design and ROMeo refinery optimization software capabilities allows us to provide a unique, end-to-end solution across the full hydrocarbon processing value chain,” Gulati said. “CrudeSuite software will help refiners understand their exposure to changes in feedstock costs, product demand and refinery operations, and it greatly increases the accuracy of their models and speeds up new designs and revamps. It is going to help our customers make the best possible business decisions using real-time market and operations data. We are excited about the business value and competitive differentiation this will provide to our clients.”