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Gas Chromatograph: Measure Natural Gas Quality Plus Hydorgen and Oxygen in a Single Device

Oct. 1, 2013
PGC 9303 supports fiscal metering for renewable energy, biogas and power to gas applications

RMG by Honeywell today introduced the PGC 9303 Process Gas Chromatograph, the first device that allows operators to measure the quality of natural gas with hydrogen and oxygen components in a single instrument.

Approved for custody transfer applications by the National Metrology Institute PTB in Germany, the PGC 9303 helps users identify the calorific value of natural gas in the natural gas grid, which lowers costs due to reduced carrier gas consumption. The device provides ± .10 percent accuracy and can measure hydrogen up to 5 percent with helium as a carrier gas. As such, it is suited for demanding renewable energy, biogas and power-to-gas applications under metrological conditions. This precision process gas chromatograph reduces operational costs, and improves accuracy and reliability when determining energy usage.

“With the increased availability of renewable energy sources, operators need the ability to measure the hydrogen and oxygen components in natural gas,” said Frank Michels, general manager, RMG Gas Metering.  “RMG by Honeywell played a pioneering role in developing the PGC, which is the world’s first gas chromatograph able to measure natural gas, hydrogen and oxygen in an integrated device.”

The device can be used by gas transmission and operating companies, underground storage operations, industries with large gas consumption requirements, engineering/procurement/construction (EPC) contractors and station builders.

The PGC 9303 measures the percentage of 12 primary natural gas components for the calculation of gas compressibility based on the AGA 8 super-compressibility factor. These data are the basis for calculating superior and inferior calorific value, standard density, relative density and Wobbe Index using the characteristics of the components per the ISO 6976 or GPA 2172-09 standards. The device’s proven measurement technique enables the energy content of measured gas to be determined for billing purposes.

The PGC series process gas chromatographs are currently offered in three different configurations—PGC 9300, PGC 9302 and PGC 9303. The instruments have a modular setup and can be equipped with two or three column modules, depending on the gas components to be measured.

The PGC 9303 is globally available with the exception of North America. General approvals such as ATEX and IECS are available and local metrological approvals may apply. For further information, please visit http://www.rmg.com/pgc-en or www.honeywellprocess.com.