PAS' new PlantState Suite includes Boundary Analytics

Sept. 19, 2013
PlantState Suite includes InBound boundary analytics tools to help map near-misses and out of bounds operations.

PAS announced a new release of its PlantState Suite™ product, which includes inBound™ Analytics, a robust boundary management solution to improve situation awareness in the control room and prevent industrial accidents. 

“The new release of PlantState Suite allows users to configure and receive alarm boundary notifications to proactively manage safe plant operations,” said Dennis Ahrens, Chief Software Architect. “It provides advanced analyses for boundary violations in order to identify operational risks and vulnerabilities.” 

The inBound Analytics module provides clear visibility and unique insights to violations of mechanical, design, safety, and operational limits in real time.  Analyses such as frequent violations, violations by boundary type, violations by unit, and time in violation can be obtained for root cause analysis.  

The concept of boundary management is not new to the power and process industries.  However, until now, industrial companies have used homegrown or makeshift point solutions to address this important need.  The concept and the design of inBound were developed in collaboration with one of the top five global oil and gas companies.  However, it also addresses the boundary management needs of companies in all other industries such as Power, Chemical, and Mining.  

inBound is a fully integrated add-on module to PAS’s industry leading PlantState Suite for Alarm Management and Control Loop Performance Optimization.  With the latest release of inBound, process operators and plant management can now view the overall status of their production in the context of operational and safety boundaries in real time.  

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