New Guide to Online Analytics for Brewing from Mettler Toledo

Sept. 19, 2013
Mettler Toledo has released a new guide to analytical instrumentation for brewing
As a result of the consolidation of breweries under single ownership, there has been a resurgence of craft breweries and microbreweries in both North America and Europe. These breweries are operated by people who are interested in making high quality beer, and who understand that to do this they need automation. Grab samples and manual valve tweaking just doesn't make good beer.

In the highly competitive brewing industry, optimized costs and consistent production are two important cornerstones of successful brewing operations.  A new Guide from Mettler Toledo explains the values of using in-line measurements for monitoring and controlling brewing processes. 

In brewing operations, it is vital that process reliability is always high and consistent. Central to this aim is timely measurement of the analytical parameters in wort, beer, water, and process gases. Although analysis of grab samples offers accurate results, it is time consuming and carries the risk of non-representative samples. In addition, it does not supply continuous, immediate data; therefore, any required corrective action is likely to be deployed later than is desirable.In contrast, in-line measurements using process analytical equipment reduces the workload of laboratory staff and supplies a constant stream of real-time data, allowing rapid corrective action when necessary. Most significantly, in-line analytical measurements enable reliable, consistent production of beer.

Mettler Toledo has released a new Guide, "In-line Analytical Measurements for Brewing Process Optimization", which describes how processes from the brew house to the filling line to effluent monitoring can all benefit from in-line measurement solutions. The Guide also explains how Mettler Toledo's digital sensor technology, Intelligent Sensor Management, leads to increased operational uptime of brewery processes.

The complimentary guide can be downloaded from