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Kaspersky Cyber Game on Agenda for 13th ICS Cybersecurity Conference

Sept. 17, 2013
13th Annual ICS Cybersecurity Conference includes role playing game by Kaspersky to help learn about cyber safety in water utilities
Joe Weiss has announced the near-final agenda for the 13th Annual ICS Cybersecurity Conference, to be held this year in Atlanta, GA, under the auspices of Georgia Tech Research Institute. The conference will be held October 21 through 24 this year.

The agenda for the 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference has been published - download it here.

The conference provides a unique environment for Operations, Control Systems and Security professionals to connect on SCADA, DCS, PLC, and field controller cyber security.

We will discuss new information about recent ICS cyber incidents, vulnerabilities, and vendor mitigation improvements. Sessions will also address three major activities started since last year: 

  • The ICS cyber security test bed, 
  • New testing on Aurora including hardware mitigation implementation programs, and 
  • Results from ICS honeypots identifying countries attempting to hack control systems.  

Finally, attendees are invited to play KIPS, the Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation, a team role-playing game in which participants run a water utility experiencing cyber-events. What is going on and what to do about it? Join us and walk a few miles in the shoes of the IT, OT and management professionals who have to collaborate based on uncertain information, conflicting objectives and limited resources. The game has limited capacity and participation is on a first come-first served basis. More on KIPS here