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Deliver Power, Signals and Data With No Physical Connectors or Contact

March 19, 2013
Learn About TE Connectivity's Ariso Contactless Connectivity Platform

TE Connectivity launches its new technology platform ARISO that promises the delivery of robust power, signals and data without any physical connectors or contact.

Water, dust or vibrations usually affect connectivity in industrial environments but with the ARISO contactless connectivity solution, facing these issues won't be aproblem. ARISO makes this possible because it integrates wireles spowe ad radio frequency (RF) technology.

This platform is highly effective for applications that contain moving parts and electronics that need to be connected in a harsh environment. There is virtually no wear and tear due to the lack of physical contact. Productivity can be increased, installation and maintenance costs can be reduced and safety and ease-of-use can be improved in a sustainable manner.

For more information on the ARISO Contactless Connectivity platform and to watch informative video demonstrations on this latest solution, please visit www.ARISOcontactlessconnectivity.com.