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Fieldbus Foundation Releases Updated H1 Interoperability Test Kit

Feb. 6, 2013
The Fieldbus Foundation has released the latest version of the H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) 6.1.0.

The Fieldbus Foundation has released the latest version of the H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) 6.1.0. This tool tests the functionality of an H1 (31.25 kbps) fieldbus device and its conformity with the foundation's function block and transducer block specifications. Version 6.1.0 includes new features to enhance device intelligence, improve consistency in instrument configuration and simplify replacement of field devices from different automation suppliers. H1 ITK consists of a test engine, communication stack and function block interface card. It includes all hardware and software required to ensure complete device interoperability.

New fieldbus foundation test kit
The H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) 6.1.0
for fieldbus devices.

H1 ITK 6.1.0 builds on the extensive library of Foundation fieldbus block test cases, offering a series of standardized function blocks and transducer blocks that enable increased test coverage for device developers. This includes test cases for new blocks that were previously unavailable, such as flow totalizer, analog alarm, control selector and output splitter, which support expanded device applications for control-in-the-field (CIF). A new flow transducer block is intended to simplify device integration within Foundation fieldbus networks. In addition, the release provides updated test cases for existing blocks, including flow, pressure, temperature, analog positioner and discrete positioner.

New H1 ITK test cases are focused on backward compatibility among Foundation fieldbus devices. This enhancement supports device replacement automation, and enables the test kit to verify consistent behavior between device and host implementations in fieldbus-based control systems. Automation of device replacement allows the configuration in an existing field device to be restored in a newer version of that instrument without manual intervention. This plug-and-play solution ensures features are consistent between different generations of devices without reengineering the host configuration or changing any other element of the H1 network other than the new instrument. The use of common transducer blocks also improves interoperability, and simplifies device replacement by enabling a minimum level of configuration across all types of instruments. This results in greater predictability in fieldbus implementation, while reducing integration risks.

H1 ITK 6.1.0 is available to members holding active maintenance agreements and for new purchases. For more information, visit www.fieldbus.org.