Exele TopView Enters Strategic Partnership With Canary Labs

June 17, 2013
Exele Information Systems has entered into a partnership with Canary Labs located in Martinsburg, PA.

Exele Information Systems has entered into a partnership with Canary Labs located in Martinsburg, PA. The partnership has led to the release of TopView for Canary Labs, a full featured version of Exele TopView Alarm Management & Notification Software that seamlessly integrates with the Canary Labs Enterprise Historian product.

TopView is a powerful, easy-to-configure process monitoring and alarm management tool that is used extensively wherever data measurements need to be monitored - wind farms, oil & gas, water & wastewater, electric power generation;  process industries such as chemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical and food processing; building automation and IT system performance.

The Canary Labs Enterprise Historian collects and logs process data and makes it available to personnel for ad hoc analysis and reporting purposes.

“We were impressed with the Exele TopView product and its feature rich capabilities,” said Gary Stern,  Canary Labs President.  “Collaborating strengthened both companies and provided a synergy between us that allows us to meet the needs of the market.”

TopView for Canary Labs provides an integrated solution to the growing need for alarm management, notification, and alerting capabilities based on the data within the Canary Labs historian.  Through a collaborative effort the two companies developed an interface allowing the data in the historian to be easily mapped to the alarm software.  This interface allows Canary Labs customers to define, detect, log, and manage alarms and to send alarm notification messages through email, SMS/Text, alphanumeric pagers, and voice callout.

“Canary Labs is a recognized as a leading provider of data historian, trending and analysis for a broad range of applications which makes them a great partner” said, Mike Fishman, Exele VP.  “We are very excited about the expanded opportunities this collaboration brings for both companies, as well as our customers.”