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Azbil Control Valve Software Improves Maintenance Efficiency, Online Diagnostics

April 16, 2013
Among Other Enhanced Features, New Package Supports Automated Partial Stroke Testing

PLUG-IN Valstaff by Azbil improves the efficiency of control valve maintenance operations through control valve management and online diagnostics.

The software package consists of a control valve maintenance system that supports the decision-making necessary for control valve maintenance and increases maintenance efficiency. It runs on the same PC as one of two device management systems: InnovativeField Organizer (IFO, an Azbil Corporation product) or Plant Resource Manager (PRM, a Yokogawa Electric Corporation product).

Features include:
  • Online diagnostics for control valves while the plant is operating. PLUG-IN Valstaff's online diagnostics support early detection of abnormalities by indexing control valve conditions numerically to help reduce the number of problems caused by control valves.
  • Automated stroke testing for control valves, which makes maintenance more efficient and reduces the load on plant workers during shutdown maintenance.

For more information, please visit the Azbil website.

Watch this video to learn more.