News You Might Have Missed This Week from ControlGlobal and Elsewhere

May 24, 2013
Our Recap of Stories, Events and Ideas Floating Around the Internet Now
While you’ve been keeping one eye on your processes and another on the shopping list for your Memorial Day picnic, we’ve been keeping track of stories you might not have had time for.First up is the bureaucratic standoff between the CDC and the ATF over the investigation into the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion. And there’s the full-bore tear—quite literally—that Mother Nature let loose on Moore, Oklahoma. This storm was classified as EF-4. In case you were wondering what that means, here’s a quick summary of how to measure a tornado. Spoiler alert: It’s not easy. In the important Clip and Save category: How to tell if a tornado’s coming. We also reported on this Great Moment in Process Automation—the Invention of the Slurpee.And another one that may ultimately be even more significant. Seems there may be something to this cold fusion idea after all. Just a reminder. Always be nice to the man making your sandwich in the Subway. He may be way smarter than you. This one probably has a better grasp of math.