Operational Improvements at Stora Enso Imatra Mills With Recovery Boiler Single-Drum Conversion

Jan. 9, 2012
Metso to deliver recovery boiler single-drum conversion to Stora Enso Imatra Mills

Metso and Stora Enso Corporation have signed an agreement on the single-drum conversion of Stora Enso's Imatra Mills' recovery boiler. The conversion of the recovery boiler will be completed in the fall of 2012.

The upper and lower drum of the recovery boiler and the steam generating bank between them will be replaced by a new drum and separate boiler bank elements needed for heat recovery. At the same time, the second stage of the economizer will be rebuilt.

According to Metso's Jouni Koskinen, Sales Manager, Boiler Conversions, the conversion will extend the boiler's lifetime and allow for a possible capacity increase in the future. "he conversion will improve the boiler's availability, secure safe operation and reduce maintenance costs," said Koskinen.

The recovery boiler was built in 1987 and its current capacity is about 1,700 metric tons of dry solids per day. The order is included in Energy and Environmental Technology's fourth quarter 2011 orders received.