President Obama Endorses Manufacturing Skills Credentialing System Boosting Manufacturing Jobs Growth

June 9, 2011
Manufacturing Technology Suppliers Commend President's Skills Initiative

Douglas K. Woods, President for The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT), reacted positively to the news that President Obama is endorsing a manufacturing skills credentialing system to boost manufacturing jobs growth as part of his Skills for America's Future initiative launched in 2010.

Skills for America's Future is an effort to improve industry partnerships with community colleges to ensure that America's community college students are gaining the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce.

Woods is pleased to know President Obama understand the importance of training and preparing better future industry professionals. "The factory floor today is very different from what it used to be, and we need workers who are up to the job," said Woods.

"For more than two years now, AMT has emphasized the crucial role of public-private collaboration between industry, government and schools in meeting the demands of the new manufacturing workplace," said Woods. "The Manufacturing Extension Partnerships should be an integral part of this collaboration as the ideal conduit between the stakeholders."

To re-invigorate American manufacturing, AMT has recommended the adoption of skills certification programs such as those proposed by the Manufacturing Institute and its partners, along with support from the MEPs.

To strengthen American manufacturing and spur economic growth, the industry and its partners should concentrate on building a capable 21st century smartforce, increasing commitments to R&D and innovation and enhancing global competitiveness by leveling the playing field for American businesses.

Wood hopes the Presidents continues his commitment to revitalize the manufacturing industry in America. "More needs to be done to support this country's manufacturers. I would like to see the Administration further expand the role of MEPs to become the new Manufacturing Innovation Centers, a one-stop resource for manufacturers to grow their businesses," said Woods.