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Rockwell exec appointed to U.S. Manufacturing Council

Aug. 10, 2010
Milwaukee executive named to help lead nation’s manufacturing revival.

MILWAUKEE,  --- In another step to focus on the revitalization of manufacturing in the United States, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has appointed 24 manufacturing leaders to the 2010 Manufacturing Council. Among them is Michael Laszkiewicz, Rockwell Automation's vice president and general manager of the company's Power Control Business.

Locke also issued a call to action Thursday to revitalize the nation's manufacturing sector.

"A vibrant manufacturing sector isn't just critical for the millions of Americans whose jobs depend on it," Locke said as he appointed new members to the 2010 Manufacturing Council. "Manufacturing is absolutely central to driving the innovation that fuels the American economy."

Laszkiewicz said the Council's work comes at a critical moment for American manufacturers.

"Ten years from now global manufacturing will look nothing like it does today," Laszkiewicz said. "We hope that the federal government will join forces with American manufacturers to foster the next round of technological innovation that will create highly efficient smart factories."

Locke said the Council will bring him ideas for ways the federal government can support manufacturing and exports.