MCAA eUniversity Opens Online

April 13, 2010
The Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) Opened the Virtual Doors of the MCAA eUniversity

The Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) has opened the virtual doors of the MCAA eUniversity, which will offer the Certified Measurement, Control and Automation Sales Professional (MCASP) credential. Salespersons in the control and automation industry can now participate in online, self-paced learning programs established for outside sales, inside sales and sales management professionals. Individuals also may take the courses on a non-certificate basis and may even purchase access to individual training modules.

The MCAA Board of Directors, which commissioned the development of the program in partnership with Catalyst Performance Learning, believes that a focused and impartial third-party certification process for salespeople will benefit the control and automation industry. They involved MCAA member companies, recognized industry experts and professional sales training providers to assemble the educational programs that will provide the required expertise to ensure an instrument and controls salesperson’s competency.

The MCAA program is unique in offering a level of industry knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere. The basic areas of expertise that are included in the program are sales skills and the sales process, basic technology knowledge, understanding of primary process industries and the applications appropriate for process control.

Interested parties should visit the MCAA website at to learn more about all aspects of the program. Pricing ranges from $75 for individual modules (access for a year) up to $1000 for an individual non-member certificate candidate.

MCASP certification is expected to become the accepted standard for sales professionals in the industry. Training modules are available in an online environment together with monthly webinars for additional training and discussion. A blog is available at as well for those in the industry who wish to share ideas and interests.

MCAA is the national trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of instrumentation, systems and software used in industrial process control and factory automation around the world.