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Learn How to Make the Industrial Standards Work for You

May 13, 2009
If You Are an Industrial Automation Control Engineer or Technician Embarking Upon the Design and Installation of an Industrial Network, You Will Quickly Confront a Bewildering Array of Standards Written by a Host of International, Regional, National and Trade Organizations. This White Paper Can Help You Better Understand These Standards

If you are an industrial automation control engineer or technician embarking upon the design and installation of an industrial network, you will quickly confront a bewildering array of standards written by a host of international, regional, national and trade organizations.

This white paper will give you some historical perspective on what has caused such a proliferation of standards. It presents an overview of the primary standards organizations you should be familiar with and how they relate to one another (if at all). It looks at the key standards these organizations write, the current status of those standards, and what the future may hold. This white paper will also guide you as you ferret out the particular sections in the standards that apply to your Ethernet network and where you can turn for help as you plan, install and maintain it.

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