Chromalox introduces Etirex Brand in Canada

Aug. 28, 2008
Pittsburgh, Pa.  — Chromalox, Inc. - USA, a manufacturer of electric heat and control products, announced today that its products will now be sold in Canada under the Etirex brand. Chromalox products have long been available in Canada under the Wiegand and Ogden brands. While some Ogden products will remain available through select distributors, the remainder of the Odgen products and the Wiegand brand will be consolidated under the Etirex name. Etirex has been a Chromalox brand for a number of years. “We want our Canadian customers to be confident that they will receive the same high product quality and outstanding customer service that Chromalox is known for throughout the world, and the Etirex brand allows us to accomplish that,” said Scott Dysert, CEO of Chromalox, Inc.Chromalox, Inc. - USA has approximately 500 customers in Canada supported by a network of sales and service offices. These offices will deliver the complete range of Chromalox precision heat and control products and solutions under the Etirex brand.”Our goal is to ensure that our Canadian customers know where to find the quality and service they expect from us, while making the transition to Etirex as seamless as possible,”  said Bill Kennedy, vice president of sales at Chromalox.