Honeywell partners with China Petroleum Planning & Engineering Institute

Aug. 4, 2008

Beijing – Honeywell has announced it has signed a strategic alliance agreement with China Petroleum Planning and Engineering Institute (CPPEI) to increase cooperation and establish three organizations dedicated to advancing China’s oil industry through information technology. Additionally, Honeywell will recognize CPPEI as a Certified Service Partner as they work to establish the CPPEI-Honeywell organizations, officially named the Experimental Center, Operation and Maintenance Support Center and Training Center.

The signing ceremony was attended by more than 50 guests and industrial experts from both Honeywell and CPPEI, including Honeywell Process Solutions President Jack Bolick and Zhang Jialin, CPPEI general secretarial.

“CPPEI and Honeywell have built mutual trust through many years of cooperation, especially in advanced process control and manufacturing execution system implementation,” said Ge Yanbing, vice general manager, CPPEI. “This agreement strengthens that cooperation in software testing, operation maintenance and technical training, and both parties will work closely to accelerate the advancement of China’s oil industry.”

The CPPEI-Honeywell Experimental Center will focus on testing and launching software patches for Honeywell’s Business FLEX suite, which synchs production with business objectives. The Operation and Maintenance Support Center will research related engineering practices, such as material handling, public construction engineering, production scheduling and planning optimization. The Training Center will serve as a key staff and operator training base.

“Advanced solutions such as Business Flex and other MES technologies are designed to improve productivity and overall business results,” said Desmond Teo, vice president, Honeywell Process Solutions Asia Pacific. “By collaborating with CPPEI, Honeywell can help China’s oil industry better utilize, maintain and train their operators to use this technology to increase refinery safety, reliability and efficiency.” For more information about Honeywell’s strategic alliance with CPPEI, please visit