Russian glassfiber tissue mill uses Honeywell APC technology

May 7, 2008

Kuopio, Finland, May 6 – Honeywell today announced it has supplied Ahlstrom, a global provider of fiber-based paper products, with process control technology that will be used to run Ahlstrom’s new state-of-the-art mill in Tver, Russia. The mill, which commenced operations during the first quarter of 2008, produces glassfiber tissue for Russian industrial consumers.

Honeywell installed its Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) with PMD Controller with integrated machine control system (MCS) and line drives control to manage key production processes at the mill. In addition, Honeywell implemented its MXProLine Quality Control System (QCS), which provides measurement capabilities designed to improve information flow to plant operators, thereby increasing plant efficiency. Finally, Honeywell installed its Web Inspection System (WIS) for the online detection, identification and visualization of sheet defects.  Honeywell also provided services for the engineering, configuration and start-up of the system. Collectively, Honeywell’s technology should maximize efficiency at the mill, and in doing so, result in higher quality products.

“Honeywell’s track record and previous work with our Karhula Mill in Finland made it the preferred vendor for this critical project,” said Pekka Helynranta, mill manager, Ahlstrom. “Russia represents a strategic business opportunity for us, and it’s vital that we deliver high quality products in a quick, efficient manner. With its expertise, solutions and support, Honeywell is enabling us to strengthen our presence in Russia with confidence.”

“The technology we supplied to Ahlstrom will promote safety, reliability and efficiency at the Tver site,” said Timo Saarelainen, general manager, Honeywell Finland.  “We are pleased to extend our longstanding relationship with Ahlstrom and help them to be successful in Russia, which is a very competitive environment.”