Aspectrics offers free CD-ROM for biodiesel analysis

April 15, 2008

Pleasanton, Calif., April 14 - Aspectrics, Inc., the innovator of patented encoded photometric near-infrared (EP-NIR) spectroscopy technology, unveils a new CD-ROM for biodiesel analysis. This free CD-ROM is intended to complement the newly introduced Aspectrics biodiesel quality analyzer (BQA 1000) and contains a wealth of information related to biodiesels, feed stocks and general analysis. The CD, "Aspectrics Biodiesel Analyzers," is available via the website

The instructive CD includes the BQA 1000 demonstration video, a BQA datasheet and the BQA 1000 User Guide. It also includes two application notes on B100 Quality and Biodiesel Blends. The CD highlights the BQA 1000's wide range of applications.

The CD details the key features of the BQA 1000, primarily concentrating
on how the instrument is pre-calibrated for biodiesel analyses, with
integrated sample interface and operator-friendly user interface, ensuring
reliable and consistent operation. In addition, it explains how the Aspectrics Professional Services team can develop custom calibrations, eliminating the need for extensive customization or data manipulation associated with other traditional laboratory instruments.

Incorporated in the CD are detailed specifications, which include instrument performance information and a full description of how the BQA 1000 works. In addition, it highlights the benefits of the biodiesel analyzer, detailing its industrial-strength, portable, compact size, making it transportable and adaptable for placement anywhere.

The new CD-ROM is available free of charge, via or e-mail [email protected].