TÜVRheinland acquires Unified Testing Services

June 30, 2008

Newtown Conn., June 30 — TÜVRheinland has acquired Unified Testing Services, Inc. (UTS), a full-service testing and consulting engineering firm based in Woodstock, Ala.  The acquisition folds a variety of new services into TÜVRheinland’s portfolio and makes UTS a stand-alone member of TÜV Rheinland of North America Group.

Founded in 1993, the privately-based UTS generates $8 million in annual revenues and has 70 employees. UTS offers a wide variety of testing and inspection services focused on materials, construction, transportation, facilities and environmental engineering. Overall, services include environmental consulting and testing, destructive and nondestructive materials testing and shop fabrication inspection of structural steel bridges.

“Acquiring Unified Testing Services will extend our capabilities to include a broad spectrum of new industries, allowing TÜVRheinland to deliver a more comprehensive portfolio of services to our clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico,” said Stephan Schmitt, President and CEO of TÜV Rheinland of North America.

UTS features five service groups that will become part of TÜVRheinland’s wide range of testing, inspection and certification services for global clients. These groups include:

· Engineering and Environmental Services Group – focuses on a variety of lead and asbestos testing, sampling, analysis and abatement offerings; assessments of environmental sites and storage tanks; and storm water management.

· NDE Services Group – offers technology and inspectors to perform visual, radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections, as well as destructive or nondestructive testing of manufactured and mechanical parts, locks and dams, and structural steel.

· Industrial Services Group – performs “outage-type” non-destructive testing for pulp and paper mills, power plants, chemical refineries and bulk storage facilities. Services include annual boiler inspections, pressure vessel and critical piping inspections, and mechanical integrity verification.

· D.O.T Services Group – provides shop fabrication inspection services on welded structural steel bridges, qualifications of welders and welder procedures, nondestructive testing of welds and material verification.

· Construction Services – combines expertise from multiple service groups within the Unified Testing family to assist owners, lending institutions, architects and developers with the critical processes associated with the construction industry today.
“After 15 exciting years of business, UTS is now facing its greatest opportunity,” said Donald Uptain, President of Unified Testing Services.  “By merging with TÜVRheinland, our markets have expanded well beyond the southeastern U.S. I am most excited for our dedicated employees. With this merger, their horizons have greatly expanded and their opportunities for professional growth are unlimited.”

Generally, the markets UTS serves are state departments of transportation, universities, banking and real estate institutions, paper and steel mills, steel fabrication shops, amusement/theme parks and state and local government agencies.