Dust Networks launches research innovation program

Nov. 26, 2007

Hayward, Calif. -- Dust Networks a provider of standards-based intelligent wireless sensor networking (WSN) systems, today announced the Dust Networks Research Innovation Program designed to foster continued innovation of WSN applications in the academic and research community.

As part of the program, Dust Networks announced the availability of the SmartMesh-XT Research Development Kit designed for universities and research institutions interested in developing new applications based upon Dust Networks' reliable, ultra low-power WSN technology. SmartMesh-XTproducts incorporate the Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol (TSMP), pioneered by Dust Networks, which enables all nodes in the wireless mesh network to be battery powered and opens up new application possibilities. Robust software APIs are provided to simplify the development of sensor interfaces and allow developers to focus on application development instead of wireless network technology development.

The Research Innovation Program also provides access to the Dust Networks Research Support Community, which provides a forum for sharing of information, ideas, best practices and practical development and deployment solutions for a broad range of WSN applications.

"Dust Networks is committed to supporting the academic and research community in developing innovative applications of wireless sensor networks," said Kris Pister, founder and CTO of Dust Networks. "The work being done by researchers today will drive the next wave of WSN applications into new and exciting areas, which is a critical step in enabling a world of ubiquitous sensing."

The SmartMesh-XT Research Development Kit provides all the tools necessary for prototyping and application development based upon Dust Networks' WSN technology in a diverse range of applications, such as: energy management, environmental and infrastructure monitoring, patient activity monitoring, hospital asset management and many others.

The Research Development Kit is available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz versions, and includes the following elements:

SmartMesh-XT Evaluation Kit, which contains:
- One packaged manager
- Twelve evaluation motes
- SmartMesh Console (an example control application)
- User guides
- Batteries, 110-220 VAC power supply and cables
- International power adapter kit (2.4GHz kit only)

- LVTTL converter and serial cable for connecting a mote to a PC via RS232

Documentation, including serial and XML API guides, datasheets and application notes, provide detailed information and instructions to enable users to quickly set up a prototype network and send and receive data through the wireless mesh network.

Software tools and utilities that enable users to integrate the mote into a design and use the manager's comprehensive APIs for full configuration of the mesh network.