Invensys-Wonderware production solution for MES gets SAP endorsement

Aug. 29, 2007

Lake Forest, Calif., Aug. 28 - Invensys Systems, Inc.-Wonderware today announced that its Invensys-Wonderware Production Execution 1.0 packaged composite application (PCA) for MES, which has achieved "SAP xApps Certified - Powered by SAP NetWeaver" status, is now an SAP-endorsed business solution.

This endorsement builds on Invensys' already successful business relationship with SAP, with the goal of enabling mutual customers to align business objectives with their manufacturing operations. As part of the endorsement, both Invensys and SAP will provide development resources, exchange technology and share product roadmaps.  Both companies will promote the Invensys-Wonderware Production Execution application, with the goal of ensuring that customers are able to continue to use the solutions when either company releases updated versions of their respective software packages.

"Significant collaborative efforts went into becoming an SAP-endorsed business solution, with the clear goal of taking out much of the complexity traditionally tied to integration of real-time manufacturing with business processes," said Mike Bradley Sr., president of Wonderware.  "In fact, the endorsed business solution goes far beyond simple integration and goes to the heart of value creation for the customer. As a result of this collaboration, we believe that our current and future customers can now reduce the risk as well as the time required to realize a competitive advantage from their manufacturing operations. The solution enables customers to make real-time decisions on how to match supply with demand based upon accurate resource constraints across their entire enterprise."

The Invensys-Wonderware Production Execution composite application for MES, combined with the Wonderware System Platform and the SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP xMII) composite application, enhances production agility by providing a pre-integrated solution for dispatching, executing, monitoring and evaluating manufacturing production and performance activities in discrete, batch and hybrid plant operations. This is enabled by standards-based interoperability between business processes that are managed within SAP business applications and plant processes that are managed within the Wonderware System Platform. Specific enabling technologies include the SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP xMII and Invensys' open, standards-based ArchestrA technology.

"SAP-endorsed business solutions such as Invensys-Wonderware Production Execution allow customers to benefit from significantly reduced total costs, better business decisions and more efficient collaboration within and beyond company boundaries, enabling them to stay competitive," said Franz Josef Schoppengerd, vice president, Emerging Solutions & Architecture, ISM Consumer Products & Life Sciences at SAP.  "SAP-endorsed business solutions help companies adapt to new business trends, accelerate innovation and achieve operational excellence in a cost-effective way, delivering greater value to customers."