July 17, 2007

Foxboro Comes Home to Boston

The 2007 Foxboro User Group meeting began Sunday night with a reception and exhibits. They called the exhibit area the Fast Lane Pavilion, and provided a number of Wii-based road-racing games. Attendees can win play money with the face of Terry Deo, user group chair, on the bills, and enter to take home the Wii games. In contrast with the larger Invensys Process Systems joint user-group meeting last year, this is an intimate, almost family gathering of 360 attendees. The reception included a stunning performance by a group of teen students from Franklin School for the Performing arts called Electric Youth. They played two sets of Broadway and pop tunes with singing and dancing by the 13 girls and 4 boys of the ensemble. Electric Youth performs the national anthem at Fenway Park on July 19th. This user group is different, as steering committee member Larry Wells, of Georgia Pacific, pointed out. “This is just us and Foxboro’s technical staff, with less marketing-oriented stuff.”