Matrikon's AlarmInsight for System 800xA Industrial IT-enabled

March 22, 2007
Extends automation systems to include comprehensive alarm analysis

Wickliffe, OH -- Matrikon's AlarmInsight for System 800xA has been Industrial IT-enabled and released for sale. AlarmInsight connects Matrikon's ProcessGuard and Alarm MOCCA to ABB's Extended Automation System 800xA, providing System 800xA users withinformation from Matrikon's alarm management products.

Some of the main features of Matrikon's AlarmInsight for System 800xA include:

· A system extension that allows access to various ProcessGuard alarm analysis reports through System 800xA's plant, area, unit and tag objects

· Access to Alarm MOCCA management of change (for alarm parameters) reports. Alarm cause, effect and recommended action data is collected in Alarm MOCCA and, through AlarmInsight, can be accessed in System 800xA to assist operators in their decision-making.

· A combined System 800xA and ProcessGuard desktop trend (time based process data combined with alarms and events) for better root cause analysis at the desktop.

"Matrikon's AlarmInsight for System 800xA, along with System 800xA's outstanding alarm management features, provide our customers with the most complete alarm management solution available today," said Roy Tanner, Marketing Manager, ABB. "We look forward to continuing to partner with Matrikon to deliver the value added solutions required for a best-of-breed alarm management program that will ultimately help our customers see appreciable improvements in their overall plant operations."