Hip-Hop Honeywell...and NASA

Oct. 7, 2006
Honeywell and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are launching the 2006 fall tour of their award-winning FMA Live! science education program, originally created in 2004.  The innovative, traveling hip-hop science concert will reach its 100,000th student while at The Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science before continuing on to perform for nearly 14,000 students in 30 schools during its 9-week, 21-city tour across the United States and Canada.

Named for Sir Isaac Newton’s second law of motion (force = mass x acceleration) FMA Live! uses professional actors, original songs, music videos and interactive science demonstrations to teach middle school students Newton’s three laws of motion and universal law of gravity.

Research shows that fewer people are pursuing science, math and engineering careers, while employment opportunities in these fields will increase three times faster than all other occupations. FMA Live! addresses key learning objectives identified by the National Science Education Standards to increase student interest and participation in the sciences.

“The need for more minority scholars in science and mathematics has been a longstanding challenge for us and certainly is one of the biggest reasons behind our decision to establish a middle school here at Howard,” said H. Patrick Swygert, president of Howard University.

FMA Live! is tailored to middle schoolers. During each performance, students, teachers and school administrators interact with three professional actors on stage in front of a live audience to experience Newton’s laws firsthand. A large Velcro wall is used to demonstrate inertia, go-carts driven across the stage illustrate action and reaction, and ‘extreme’ wrestling and a huge soccer ball show that force is determined by mass multiplied by acceleration. All three of Newton’s laws are exemplified simultaneously when a futuristic hover chair collides with a gigantic cream pie.