Emerson adding EDDL enhancements to smart field devices

Aug. 15, 2006
End users will gain expanded use of field device diagnostics and functionality, available on any host, and compatible with more than 20 million installed field devices.
EDEN PRAIRIE, MN -- June 28, 2006) — Using the enhancements to the international standard Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), Emerson Process Management will boost the functionality of its HART and Foundation fieldbus devices to drive richer graphical user interface displays that enable end users to improve operations and maintenance. 

“End users have continually asked for expanded integration, interoperability and greater ease of use,” commented John Berra, president of Emerson Process Management. “We are committed to meeting the growing needs of our existing and new customers, and implementing the EDDL enhancements in our digital devices does that.”

The Emerson devices with enhanced EDDL will drive new displays that use familiar dialog boxes to present text, dynamic variables, pictures, charts, and archived data in a consistent, familiar format. 
“Use of the enhanced EDDL technology provides human interface consistency and ease of use for diagnostics and asset management both in the control room and in the maintenance shop, enhancing safe and productive plant operation,” continued Berra. “By design, the enhanced field devices are fully compatible with the industry’s installed base of more than 20 million field devices using EDDL technology.” 

Sophisticated devices with hundreds of configuration, calibration, and diagnostic parameters, such as control valves, radar level gauges, and variable frequency drives, will greatly benefit from the new user interface enhancements. Emerson’s range of field devices and valves powers its PlantWeb digital plant architecture to reduce capital project costs and improve operations efficiency.

EDDL is the only common technology endorsed by all of the Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO), and OPC Foundation. The interoperability of the language gives users the freedom to choose best-in-class automation products from the suppliers of choice, knowing devices and hosts will work fully and seamlessly together. 

An international standard - IEC 1804-3 - Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL)  is a universal interface to diagnostic, real-time and asset management information contained in what is currently a growing installed base of more than 20 million field instruments from a host of manufacturers. With EDDL, a user can calibrate instruments, diagnose problems, provide data for user interface displays, identify process alarms, and obtain information needed for high-level software, such as MES, UI/SCADA, plant historians, asset management and ERP.

The standard language is supported by virtually every vendor of process control systems worldwide, and the information it describes is available in any HART Communication, Foundation fieldbus, or Profibus based instrument made since 1990.