Meriam Process Technologies offers a trade-in program for the MFC & MFT HART communicators

Aug. 10, 2006
Products can be exchanged for a discount off on a new Meriam MFC 4100 or MFT 4010.
CLEVELAND, OH -- July 20, 2006 -- Meriam Process Technologies has announced a new trade-in program available on their MFC and MFT HART communication products. Products can be exchanged for a discount off on a new Meriam MFC 4100 or MFT 4010. The Rosemont 275 is no longer available on the market, but customers wanting to trade in this old unit for a Meriam product are eligible for a 20% savings on the base price of the Meriam unit.

The MFT 4010 is a multifunctional calibrator with full HART digital communications capability. It can be used to measure pressure, differential pressure; to source or measure temperature; to source or measure voltage or current; to calibrate field devices; and to document the performance of field devices. The MFT 4010 consists of a handheld base unit with three bays for sensor modules. The MFT 4010 pressure modules are NIST traceable to +/- 0.025% of full scale and are fully temperature compensated for the best accuracy across a broad temperature range. RTD and T/C modules measure or simulate a wide variety of temperature types with NIST traceable accuracy.

The MFC 4100 is a full function HART communicator with more value than any other on the market! The MFC 4100 offers several unique features that provide HART users with a more useful, reliable and available communication tool to optimize commissioning configuration and maintenance operations. Examples include over 20 hours of continuous battery life, quick start up and connect in just 15 seconds, quick menu for commonly used commands, a full alpha- numeric keypad and the ability to review and edit on the fly. This device delivers optimum convenience and usability.

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