ISA announces formation of SP104 committee

March 13, 2006
The committee will focus on standardization of EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language) for managing intelligent devices.
A new ISA committee will focus on developing a standard to help accelerate the implementation and widespread uses of fieldbus devices throughout industry. The committee will be formed to create a standard that adopts the generic language specified by IEC 61804 to describe the properties of automation system components. The specified language is capable of describing device parameters and their dependencies, device functions, graphical representations, and interactions with control devices. 

The language, Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), is used to create an Electronic Device Descriptions (EDD) file. These files may be used with appropriate tools to support parameter handling, operation, and monitoring of automation system components. 

The applications of EDDL may include devices such as generic digital and analog input/output modules, motion controllers, human machine interfaces, transmitters, on-off and regulating valves, closed-loop controllers, encoders, hydraulic valves, and programmable controllers. 

EDDL is a result of cooperation among the consortia of Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V., and the OPC Foundation. Enhancements recently added and officially approved as part of the IEC 61804 maintenance cycle extend the capabilities of EDDL to provide an industry standard solution for advanced visualization of intelligent device information. Through this cooperative effort, the proven integrity of existing EDD technology is maintained across all three communication technologies (Profibus, FF, and HART). There are more than 15 million installed devices that use the existing EDDL. 

EDDL enhancements include an improved user interface with support for menus, windows, tabs and groups and added graphic support for graphs, trends, charts and dial indicators.

"EDDL further standardizes the user interface for managing intelligent devices and eliminates the need for supplemental files for asset management applications," said Terry Blevins, who proposed the work item.

"ISA, as a global standards organization, is working with IEC in a leadership capacity to develop this standard. It is important that this committee will harmonize its work with that of IEC SC65C WG7," said Ian Verhappen, ISA VP of Standards and Practices.