Jan. 25, 2005


Open, portable tool supports hundreds of HART® and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus instruments from more than 100 manufacturers.

AUSTIN, TX (December 14, 2004) – Emerson Process Management has announced that the 375 Field Communicator now supports 82 additional FOUNDATION fieldbus devices and 50 more HART instruments for maintenance purposes.  Introduced just one year ago, it is already compatible with more than 800 HART and fieldbus instruments from a variety of manufacturers.

The 375 replaces the 275 HART Communicator as the standard field device communicator used by instrument technicians.  The convenient portable tool is used across industries, worldwide to increase maintenance productivity and effectiveness by supplementing networked stations that access advanced online diagnostics. 

All instrument technicians rely on hand-held tools to configure and maintain smart instruments and valves, check calibration, obtain diagnostic information, and troubleshoot suspected problems in the field.  The 375 intrinsically safe, ATEX-compliant portable communicator is rugged and reliable, meeting the demands of production environments.  Technicians have said they like the backlight screen, which is easy to see even in dark areas.  Navigation through test procedures using the large touch-screen is even easier with the 375 than with the older 275.

The early acceptance of the 375 communicator  is largely due to its capacity to provide advanced maintenance support for both HART and fieldbus devices, regardless of manufacturer, according to Craig Llewellyn, president of Emerson’s Asset Optimization division.  “Emerson has championed open communication of process control elements for years,” he said.  “Openness is what the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture is all about, giving process companies the freedom to choose the best components for their production systems.  By supporting all of our customer’s choice of field devices, the 375 Field Communicator is another reflection of Emerson’s openness.”

The 375 Field Communicator is integrated with Emerson’s AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager, which is an online asset management application that accesses diagnostic information generated by smart field devices.  Instrument data collected in the field using the 375 can be uploaded to the permanent database of the AMS Device Manager.

As new field devices become available, their device descriptions, which are used to establish communications with these devices, can be downloaded from the Internet to the 375.  With its Easy Upgrade feature, the 375 can be immediately ready for use with any new HART or fieldbus devices as they become available.  Any time a new instrument is installed in a plant, its device description is easily obtained via the Internet, so the communicator no longer has to be sent to a service center to be upgraded.

AMS Suite technologies are key elements of the PlantWeb architecture, supporting the flow of information on asset reliability and performance to those who run the business.  Emerson’s Asset Optimization offering combines world-class services with the AMS Suite products to help users apply field-based information and significantly improve process plant reliability.  The results include greater process availability, increased productivity, and reduced equipment cost-of-ownership.

For more information on the 375 Field Communicator, including lists of supported HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, log onto www.fieldcommunicator.com.

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