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ISA releases safety instrumented systems verification resource

June 10, 2005
ISA HAS RELEASEDSafety Instrumented Systems Verification - Practical Probabilistic Calculations by industry experts William M. Goble and Harry Cheddie. "In keeping with our continued effort to help professionals answer difficult questions, this resource is bound to be an instant classic," commented T.S. "Chip" Lee, Director, Publishing Services.

This book focuses on providing explanations on probabilistic calculations to accomplish SIL verification for safety systems. Starting with a description of the safety lifecycle, the text shows where and how SIL verification fits into the key activities from conceptual design through commissioning. The book not only explains the theory and methods for doing the calculations, the authors also provide many examples from the chemical, petrochemical, power and oil & gas industries.

Through numerous examples, Goble and Cheddie make the material understandable, plus the data tables give readers important information needed to do the verification calculations. The resource provides example failure rate data and other important metrics needed for probabilistic calculations.

Appendices cover probability, failure modes, diagnostic analysis, fault tree analysis, Markov Models, and system architectures.

More information about this resource can be found at www.isa.org/sisverify