CONTROL contributor to keynote ISA

June 14, 2005

JEFF HARROW, Principal at The Harrow Group and a contributor to CONTROL magazine, will deliver a keynote address entitled "Technology and You: We’re in for an Awesome Ride" on Wednesday, October 26 at ISA EXPO 2005 in Chicago. As an expert in the exponential growth of technologies and their applications, Harrow’s keynote will focus on the extraordinary new capabilities and markets for both business and consumers. He will explore the effects of this trend of growth on our knowledge, as well as explore the synergistic melding of previously separate technologies. 

Harrow will provide insight into the future direction of technologies and innovation. “In this environment, perhaps the one certainty is that those individuals and companies who understand, appreciate and embrace these ongoing developments will have a competitive advantage over their ‘head in the sand’ competitors,” Harrow commented.

As the author and editor of the web-based multimedia technology journal, The Harrow Technology Report, originally known as Rapidly Changing Face of Computing, Harrow has shared his fascination with technology, and his sense of wonder at the innovations and trends of contemporary computing and the technologies that drive them, with people across the globe for more than 18 years.

Harrow was chief technologist for the Corporate Strategy Groups of both Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation. He began his IT career at a large aerospace company where he designed and implemented the first color-graphic Executive Information System, and then led the transition from a batch-oriented mainframe administrative computing environment to a 1,000+ terminal interactive distributed computing environment. He joined Digital to implement the first Network Planning and Installation business in the Southern Region, and later moved into the Services organization to work on network and network management products and services.

Harrow invented and implemented the first iconic network management prototype for DECnet networks, and he now works with numerous businesses and industry groups to help them better understand the strategic implications of our contemporary and future computing environments.

Harrow is a Board Member of the Technology Advisory Board of “The Institute for the Study of Accelerating Change.”

Besides writing for CONTROL magazine, he is the co-author of a book, The Disappearance of Telecommunications, published by IEEE Press. Harrow's writings on technology are carried in numerous electronic and traditional media around the globe, and he has been featured in newspaper, magazine, and online outlets including: Future Brief magazine, NanoNews-Now, Nanotechnology Now, Discover magazine, NetworkWorld Fusion, NanoMagazine, and Fast Company magazine. He has also been interviewed on technology futures for TV programs, such as the History Channel's Modern Marvels, and has been a judge for Disney's Discover magazine "Innovation Awards."

Harrow has numerous patents issued and on file in the areas of network management and user interface technology, and he is a commercial pilot. He brings these and other technological interests together to help people "look beyond the comfortable and obvious," so that they don't become road-kill by the side of the Information Highway.

About ISA EXPO 2005
ISA EXPO 2005 is sponsored by ISA. ISA EXPO, North America’s event for automation and control professionals, is scheduled for October 25-27, 2005, at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago. With practitioners from more than 70 countries, ISA EXPO will feature a products and services exhibition, technical conferences, continuing education opportunities and training programs. For more information about ISA EXPO 2005 or to register, go to or call 919-549-8411.