Intergraph shipping SmartPlant 3D 5.0

Dec. 23, 2004

Intergraph Corp. has announced that it is now shipping SmartPlant 3D 5.0. The new version delivers many enhancements for structural modeling and design, 3D model exportation, global worksharing and system support. Intergraph's current customers, including some of the world's largest owner/operators and engineering companies, drove the development of SmartPlant 3D 5.0. The software provides the capabilities needed to design and maintain process, power and marine facilities and keep them "as-built" throughout the life cycle.

Gerhard Sallinger, president of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, said, "The early adopters of SmartPlant 3D not only benefited from gaining an early start over the rest of the industry, but they also were able to contribute to this product's development. This is in keeping with Intergraph's long history of listening to what our customers need - and providing them with solutions to meet the ever changing demands of their industry. We believe that SmartPlant 3D 5.0 is the most advanced 3D plant design software offered by any vendor in the marketplace ever."

SmartPlant 3D 5.0 Key Enhancements

Most of the SmartPlant 3D 5.0 enhancements center on structural modeling and design, including: enhanced libraries, modeling and editing commands for steel and foundations; exporting structural physical and analytical models via the CIMSteel format; fireproofing properties for member parts; importing section sizes from analysis; and general performance enhancements. SmartPlant 3D 5.0 can also output model geometry to MicroStation version 7 file format. This permits users of MicroStation-based applications to reference the SmartPlant 3D model geometry for measurement and interference detection purposes.

SmartPlant 3D 5.0 also offers improved global worksharing capabilities, including the ability to change permission group ownership from one location to another and to branch from piping owned by another location. System support for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Microsoft Office 2003 is also included.

SmartPlant 3D Gains Commercial Momentum

"We are very pleased with the acceptance of SmartPlant 3D in the marketplace," Sallinger said. Currently, more than 30 customers are using SmartPlant 3D ( SmartPlant 3D customers include owner/operators, engineering companies, shipbuilders and ship class societies in all regions of the world. The customers are in various stages of implementation from pilot projects to production.

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