September 1st Deadline For Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

Aug. 13, 2004
The CIMM exam will debut October 7th at the 2004 ISA Expo in Texas. Subsequent exams will be given October 9th and December 11th at select locations. Candidates have until September 1 to apply to take the exam. CIMM is the first certification program for industrial maintenance mechanics in the U.S. According to Rod Lincoln, a manager at Cytec Industries' Louisiana operation and chair of the CIMM steering team, "In the old days there was an apprenticeship program If someone wanted to do something they would work under a skilled craftsman, and when they completed their apprenticeship they had the credentials and everyone recognizes those credentials. We don't have anything like that now." Lincoln explains that companies create infrastructures that define whether or not someone qualifies as a mechanic. "CIMM gives a mechanic in one company the opportunity to compare his or her credentials to everyone else." ISA provides additional information about the CIMM program on its web site,