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HiveMQ enables IoT data integration to AWS

Dec. 22, 2022
HiveMQ launched its Enterprise Extension for Amazon Kinesis.

HiveMQ launched Nov. 29 its Enterprise Extension for Amazon Kinesis, which lets users quickly move MQTT data from the broker into Amazon Web Services (AWS) using its Kinesis Data Streams. This lets HiveMQ users integrate MQTT data reliably and securely to any of the three major cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, or simultaneously in a multi-cloud environment.

“Our goal is to give customers a flexible and open foundation for MQTT data transport, no matter which cloud platform they choose, and this new extension completes that offering,” says Christian Götz, CEO and co-founder of HiveMQ. “We’re seeing more enterprise customers adopting multi-cloud strategies, and HiveMQ is perfectly positioned to allow them to avoid vendor lock-in and integrate data to any of these services for advanced analytics, machine learning, storage or other use cases.”

HiveMQ reports its platform-agnostic broker offers 100% MQTT compliance, efficient network utilization, enterprise-grade security, reliable data delivery and the ability to scale to millions of always-on concurrent connections to meet the requirements of IoT applications. The extension framework let users integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems to support multi-cloud strategies and eliminate vendor lock-in.

HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Amazon Kinesis features:

  • Seamless integration of MQTT data into Amazon Kinesis Data Streams;
  • Indirect support for Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and data analytics as they read data from Kinesis Data Streams;
  • Configuration of access credentials and authentication via AWS Identity and Access Management; and
  • Continuous support and feature updates from HiveMQ. 
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