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HAWK launches new fiber optic sensing website

Nov. 29, 2023
The site will elevate the user experience and provide an educational platform for their fiber optic sensing systems

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) announced the launch of its new fiber optic sensing website, HawkFiber.com

Hawk Measurement designed HawkFiber.com to elevate the user experience and provide an educational platform for their fiber optic sensing systems. The new website features a comprehensive product showcase, allowing visitors to learn about the diverse range of cutting-edge fiber optic sensing solutions HAWK has to offer. From customer testimonials to detailed descriptions, customers can now make informed decisions and learn about this revolutionary technology that is changing the market for asset measurement.

Jack Evans, Global President of HAWK, stated, “We take great care in designing and developing technologies to solve customer needs.  Fiber optic sensing is another example of adapting technology to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements for improve safety, increased efficiencies, and reduced downtime.  Our website was developed to make it even easier to access information online for this exciting technology.” 

Fiber optic sensing is a relatively new facet of industrial instrumentation that allows for real-time measurements of long assets such as pipelines, conveyors, and perimeters. HAWK’s Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing System offers a single interrogator that measures Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), and Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) all in a single enclosure. 

The technology can protect assets, equipment and perimeters. HAWK’s Fiber Optic System is modular in design, monitors 24/7 in real-time and can range in measurement from 10 km to 150 km. This type of intelligent monitoring is critical to operating efficiently and protecting valuable assets.