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OPC UA connects industry to the metaverse

Dec. 8, 2023
The metaverse solution will be for use cases, such as remote condition monitoring and maintenance

The OPC Foundation reported Nov. 14 that it’s published its concept for a common metaverse solution for use cases, such as remote condition monitoring and maintenance, production process training and manufacturing logistics planning and execution.

Its working group was able to publish in less than a year thanks to standardized solutions for requirements like information modeling, information exchange, cloud connectivity and asset identification. The code for those solutions is open-sourced at the OPC Foundation’s GitHub repositories, here and here.

After the need for a standardized metaverse solution was identified by Dr. Holger Kenn of Microsoft in October 2022, the foundation’s board of directors decided to establish a working group, chaired by Erich Barnstedt of Microsoft, to make sure that OPC UA is well-suited for metaverse applications.

With its base of standardized solutions, the working group reports it main task was assembling components for the use cases, such as:

·       Remote or on-premises condition monitoring using augmented and virtual reality technology;

·       Remote assisted maintenance of machinery carried out by local workers with the assistance of remote experts;

·       Production processes training in safe, simulated environments for real-world tasks in hazardous environments; and

·       Manufacturing logistics planning and execution using head-up display technology for drivers of transport systems.

In addition, the OPC Foundation’s YouTube channel provides an instructive recording detailing the standardized solutions for public access. It features condition monitoring overlayed over wind farm assets.

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