Axess-Corrosion partners with SignalFire to develop pipeline integrity remote monitoring

Feb. 19, 2024
The partnership combines a transmitter with a sacrificial-sensing probe that’s inserted into pipelines

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry announced Jan. 22 that it’s partnering with Axess-Corrosion, a U.K.-based provider of corrosion monitoring sensors, to integrate its Ranger IoT, cellular transmitter into a new pipeline-corrosion monitor. They’re combining the transmitter with a sacrificial-sensing probe that’s inserted into pipelines to provide data and alarms on corrosion levels.   

The probe has a depleting “sacrificial” membrane, which can detect corrosion or erosion of the membrane down to 0.0001 inches. By measuring depletion rate, the probe provides feedback on the predicted rate of corrosion on the pipeline wall. It’s important to oil and gas (O&G) producers to receive feedback about the performance of expensive, corrosion-inhibiting chemicals and if their dosage rate is optimal.  

Using cellular LTE CAT M1 with MQTT/SparkPlugB protocol for remote locations, battery-powered Ranger powers the corrosion sensors, gathers and transmits real-time data from the sacrificial probe to the cloud for remote monitoring control, and deliver alarms via any web browser, including those on mobile devices. By publishing over cellular networks using MQTT and TLS security, Ranger is isolated from local area networks (LAN) for a more secure connection. It can also be programmed to provide alarms by text or email, and buffers up to 200,000 time-sampled measurements. 

“O&G operators spend millions of dollars a year on chemicals to minimize corrosion. With Ranger incorporated in Axess’ corrosion-monitoring solution, operators gain awareness of pipeline integrity with minimal infrastructure to address issues and optimize the use of chemicals,” notes Sandro Esposito, VP of sales and marketing at SignalFire. “Ranger also removes barriers in monitoring pipelines in isolated areas by delivering sensor data to the cloud.  We have thousands installed in remote and harsh environments.” 

Roland Anderson, CEO of Axess-Corrosion, adds that, “Ranger provides Axess with the perfect solution for remote operating sites and clients that wish to monitor corrosion by exception. Data sent by the transmitter also integrates seamlessly to our Hive software, and alarms are set for metal loss thresholds and trends. In addition, Axess has integrated permanent wall thickness sensors, thermowells and injection pump and tank data—all sent to Hive via Ranger.”

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