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Yokogawa provides operations, video monitoring for Japan’s largest wind farm

March 27, 2024
Yokogawa Solution Service Corp. implemented a remote operations and monitoring system at the Ishikari Bay New Port offshore windfarm

Yokogawa Electric Corp. announced Feb. 15 that its subsidiary, Yokogawa Solution Service Corp., has implemented a remote operations and monitoring system based on Yokogwa’s OpreX collaborative information server for offshore wind turbines and onshore facilities at the Ishikari Bay New Port offshore windfarm. Yokogawa will also provide maintenance services for the facility, which is operated by Jera Co., Inc., and Green Power Investment Corp., and owned by Green Power Ishikari GK, a special-purpose corporation.
Ishikari Bay is the first wind farm in Japan to use large-scale, 8,000-kW wind turbines. When it started commercial operations on Jan. 1, 2024, it became the largest commercial wind farm in Japan. The remote operations and monitoring system supplied by Yokogawa includes a video system for monitoring all of the farm’s offshore and onshore wind power generating facilities. Yokogawa will also provide ongoing maintenance services for these systems.

The core of this remote operations and monitoring system is Yokogawa’s Collaborative Information Server, which provides centralized data management for the offshore wind turbines, the transformer substation’s large-scale storage batteries, and cameras on the wind turbines, storage batteries and in the turbine maintenance yard. This video monitoring system utilizes the Edge Gateway AG 10 (for indoor) solution provided by Yokogawa subsidiary amnimo Inc.

Because electricity from wind varies depending on weather conditions, it’s important gather and analyze information on power demand provided by the transmission system operator. Yokogawa’s remote operation and monitoring system provides the data required to control power that will be stored by the farm’s storage-battery system.

In addition to systems delivered for the Ishikari Bay project, Green Power Investment has lso ordered systems from Yokogawa Solution Service that will aggregate information in real-time from wind farms across Japan, and link this data with cloud-based analytics tools. Also, together with Green Power Investment, Yokogawa Solution Service has started proof-of-concept tests of the DTSX3000 optical fiber temperature sensor, a product in the OpreX Field Instruments lineup, to detect signs of damage to the farm’s submarine cables.

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